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Technology Commercialization

About Technology Commercialization
Technology Commercialization, also known as Technology Transfer, is the process of transferring technologies that were developed among governments or universities and other institutions to a commercial product or service.

There are several mechanisms that companies can use to commercialize technology. Some of these options include:

  • Venturing - Building a business around production, assembly, sale, and distribution of technology from a government lab or university.
  • Partnering - Sharing parts of the venturing strategy with one or more additional partners who are already established in the same industry.
  • Licensing - Acquiring only selected rights in a technology, usually in exchange for negotiated, agreed to and on­going payments.
  • Outright sale - Acquiring all of the rights of a technology, without expectation of future revenues.

Technology commercialization can be a great way to bring innovative, state of the art technology into your firm or help you start a new business. There are numerous technologies at universities and government labs around the country that you can leverage for your business.

However, technology development lifecycle is very challenging and you should strongly evaluate if your firm is positioned to successfully participate in technology transfer.

District based universities have a wealth of knowledge around technology transfer; please find information regarding the various technology transfer/commercialization offices below:

University Technology Transfer Offices
The George Washington University Office of Technology Transfer  - http://ott.research.gwu.edu/
Office of Technology Commercialization at Georgetown University - http://otc.georgetown.edu/
The Catholic University of America Office of Technology Transfer - http://ott.cua.edu/
Intellectual Property [email protected] - http://www.american.edu/research/ipc/
Howard University Intellectual Property Center - http://ip.howard.edu/

Federal Laboratory Consortium
The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is the nationwide network of federal laboratories that provides the forum to develop strategies and opportunities for linking laboratory mission technologies and expertise with the marketplace. FLC has a wealth of information and resources to help entrepreneurs commercialize technology developed in government labs.
Main Page - http://www.federallabs.org/
FLC Small Business Resource - http://www.federallabs.org/flc/small-business/

How ConnecTech Can Help You
Connectech can help you in the technology transfer process by increasing your chance of being successful. ConnecTech has relationships with many of the universities in the District and can help you connect with the right people. We can also assist with technology commercialization validation and planning. Finally, ConnecTech can help with some of the intellectual property issues associated with technology transfer.

Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)
Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) is a program that expands funding opportunities in the federal innovation research and development (R&D) arena. Central to the program is expansion of the public/private sector partnership to include the joint venture opportunities for small businesses and nonprofit research institutions. The unique feature of the STTR program is the requirement for the small business to formally collaborate with a research institution in Phase I and Phase II. STTR's most important role is to bridge the gap between performance of basic science and commercialization of resulting innovations. ConnecTech can also assist with technology commercialization through technical assistance regarding the STTR program.

To get in touch with ConnecTech regarding technology commercialization, please feel free to contact Kate Mereand, Manager of Small Business Technology and Innovation at [email protected]

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