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Sports Wagering License Waiver Requests

Sports Wagering License Waiver Requests

An Applicant for a sports wagering license may submit a waiver request if it is determined that the 35% CBE requirement cannot be met. Subcontracting requirements may only be waived through the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD).

The Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) on behalf of an Applicant will submit a waiver request with an Applicant’s CBE Plan.

Before DSLBD’s Director approves a waiver request the Director shall: 1) send an electronic notice to all CBEs notifying them of the waiver request; and 2) post a copy of the waiver request on DSLBD’s website for ten (10) days to provide the public reasonable notice of the waiver justification. During this time, CBEs will have the opportunity to review the waiver justification and reach out to the Sports Wagering License Applicant and DSLBD if they determine they are able to perform the work.

Please Note: Comments and inquiries by CBEs MUST be directed to the sports wagering license applicant (see Applicant’s Representatives Email column listed on the waiver request row in question) and DSLBD ([email protected]) in order to be officially considered.

Status = Yellow: Under Review, Red: Denied, Green: Approved, Purple: Approved (Adjusted Request), Gray: Deemed Approved, Blank: Withdrawn/Closed

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