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Department of Small and Local Business Development

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CBE Compliance

CBE Compliance and Enforcement

District Agency Compliance

DSLBD is charged with monitoring goals for District agencies with respect to contracting and procurement of goods and services with Small Business Enterprises (SBEs). Each agency, including an agency that contracts or procures in whole or in part through the Office of Contracting and Procurement, is considered an independent procuring authority or a government corporation is required to report to the department. 

Developer Compliance

DSLBD is also responsible for monitoring both public and private projects and contracts per D.C. Official Code § 2-218.46: performance and subcontracting requirements for construction and non-construction contracts; subcontracting plans. 

SBE Compliance Documents

The government of the District of Columbia requires a “Beneficiary” of all government-assisted contracts to submit certain documents after a contract has been awarded.  Following receipt of funding or after contract award, Beneficiaries are required to submit quarterly reports and vendor verification forms.  

SBE Compliance document can be found in the appropriate links below: 

District Government contracts exceeding $250,000 require a 35 percent subcontracting set-aside with small businesses certified under the CBE Program. Subcontracting requirements may be waived by DSLBD if an agency submits an official waiver request to DSLBD justifying why the requirement cannot be met. 

For more information, click on SBE Subcontracting Plan: FAQs & Checklist