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DSLBD follows the below procedures subject to modifications in an individual Request for Applications (RFA) for a specific grant program.

Notification of Grant Applicant Selection

  1. DSLBD will make its best efforts to notify applicants about its grant funding decisions within fifteen (15) business days of concluding the grant review and selection process. The notification will state whether the application was awarded or not awarded and will provide instructions for applicants to schedule an optional debriefing. The debriefing will address the applicant’s application and relevant processing factors, including the (1) application’s strengths and weaknesses; (2) comments, ranking, and other appropriate data points by the independent reviewers using the criteria established in the RFA; and (3) Director’s general discretion which may account for a variety of factors such as the agency’s priorities (e.g., hyperlocal and equity), the feasibility of the proposal, and experience with the applicant (e.g., by the agency or community in terms of previous collaboration or lack thereof and applicant’s history of following best practices and delivery of services). 

Grant Applicant Debrief and Grievance Process

  1. An applicant must request a debriefing to engage in the debriefing process. DSLBD will conduct these meetings at a mutually agreeable time as soon as practicable.
  2. Applicant participants may request a telephone or virtual debriefing to receive feedback and discuss a grievance.
    1. The request shall be made in writing and sent via the email address of record for the grant program, as highlighted in the grant’s RF
    2. The request must be made within three (3) business days of the notification of grant selection.
    3. In the written request, the applicant must provide a detailed statement of its grievance or that it is seeking information about how it could have submitted a stronger application.
  1. The debriefing will be limited to discussing:
    1. Reasons for the declination of the application.
    2. A summary of the application’s strengths and weaknesses under the evaluation criteria published in the RFA.
    3. An overview of the grant reviewers’ relevant comments from the review process.
    4. Any other relevant questions from the applicant regarding the RFA evaluation and selection procedures.
  1. Applications that are non-compliant with the RFA’s technical submission requirements will not be eligible for an award. An applicant that does not receive an award for failing to comply with these requirements is not eligible for a debriefing process.
  2. NOTE: The debriefing will not compare the respective application to others. Further, reviewers’ names, unedited comments, and actual scores are deliberative and, therefore, not subject to public disclosure.